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Ipoh, a city surrounded by many hills in the west peninsula of Malaysia, the Yee Family has had a long history in the pastry making business, dated back in 1981. Yee Hup Biscuits was established by Mr. Yee Ah Lek and his beloved wife Madam Wong Chin Haw (founder) as a family business and they started operating their first bakery at their home, No. 32, Lorong Gunung Rapat 3, Ipoh, Perak.
The unique taste of Yee Hup pastries, which lies in its traditional way of baking its biscuits with coconut husks in a custom-made oven, has made them famous amongst the locals. The core product "Hiong Piah" (also known as Puff Biscuit), a legendary flaky and fragranced pastry with maltose filling is a traditional specialty of the Kinta Valley.
Over the years, the Company has revolutionized the homemade bakery process into fully automatic production and skillfully retained the distinctive traditional tastes and texture of the biscuits.
Thanks to its popularity, Yee Hup Biscuits has expanded swiftly from a family operated business into a corporate company, and now produces various kinds of pastries and snacks. Today, Yee Hup Biscuits have become a popular delicacy and even a must-buy gift item among locals and visitors of Malaysia.