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  • 1 Delivery Information
      1. Delivering the package to your home
          Under NT$ 2000 – Shipping fee NT$ 70
          Over NT$ 2000 – Free Shipping
         (1) All orders are only delivered on Monday to Friday.
              We do not offer post-box delivery service.
         (2) It will take 1~2 days to deliver your package for the main cities in mainland Taiwan,
              2~4 days for the other places.
     2. Family Mart/ Hi-Life /OK Mart
        ( Offering both pick up-then-pay or pay-then-pick up services )
          Less than 3 bags – Shipping fee NT$ 60
          Over 3 bags – free
         (1) It will take 2~3 days to deliver your order to the store you chose
               including the weekends.
         (2) Please write down the name of the store you would like to pick up your order
              when filling your delivery information.
  • 2 Statement of Delivery

      1. When the customer filled in the wrong delivery information and cause the fault

         delivery, we do not undertake any responsibilities. We will recharge the shipping

         fee when the customer requires to resend the package.

      2. We will send the package within 3 days after you complete the order.

         There is a possibility that the package may not deliver on time due to the order

         status and the stocking issues. We will inform the customer if they would like to

         keep the order or cancel it in advance.

     3. We only offer the delivery service within Taiwan. For the international shipping

        service, please contact us about your inquiry before you take the order.

        (The customer will need to pay for the international shipping fee.)

    4. If there is no special inquiry, all the products will be packed in the same parcel.

        If extra packing needed, we may charge packing fee.

        Please contact us your inquiry in advance.

  • 3 Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not happy with our product, please keep the product sealed, and we are happy to replace the product for you within 7 days purchase. Please be aware that we do not accept replacement once the product is unsealed or damaged.
If you are still not satisfied for any reasons with the final product, your money will be refunded. Please do not hesitate to let us know your comments, and we will improve our service and product.
  • 4 Returns and Replacement
When you receive the product does not match to your order, please contact us immediately and send the product with original packaging back to us within 7 days, and we will send your product again. (We do not accept the replacement when the product is unsealed.)

If the product is damaged when you receive it, please do not change anything when you return it. We will send you the new product within 3 working days after we receive your returning package.
  • 5 Disclaimers
7-Day Return Period:
We do not accept refund or replacement over 7 days since you receive your product.
Product Unsealed:
When the product is opened or unsealed.
  • 6 Please Note:
Please inform us in advance if you cannot pay within in a week once you filled in the remittance online or we may cancel your order via e-mail. If you paid after we cancelled your order, we will charge the transaction fee from your money refund.
For any inquiries or any comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.


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